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Caterina Arciprete

a r t i s t

Catertina Arciprete

Italian artist, she combines photography, drawing/painting and writing, developing exhibition and editorial projects in Italy and abroad.

She studied and taught at the IED of Rome.
She has published art books with Arte'm, Electa, Skira and others. 
Her contact with New York began in 2006 with her solo show ‘The Eye of Naples’ followed by exhibitions and collaborations.
In Italy she develops art projects for companies such as: Oste jewelry, Camomilla Italia fashion, Naples International Airport, Eurofly, Pio Monte della Misericordia Museum, Garofalo and Borbone.

In 2008 she collaborates with the art group TSB of New York and she attend their festival while from 2013 to 2021 she is art consultant for the international platform BIN. With the group realized ‘Transition point’, the videoart reported as an excellence of art by pad. Italy Expo 2015.

She exhibits in various public and museum exhibition spaces.

Among the latest exhibitions: 'The invisible beat_Angeli' - Pio Monte della Misericordia museum, Naples 2017. 'Gate' - San Domenico museum and at Naples airport, 2019. 'Wishes & Dreams' - Artsight gallery, Stockholm 2021. 'Swedish light'- Artsight gallery, Stockholm 2022. 'In Carta' – Nami gallery, Naples 2023.

Art galleries:

Last published

Gate_Arte’m editor   |   Il segreto della felicità_Apeiron editor   |   Wishes & Dreams (Artbook- limited edition)

Personal Exhibitions

– In carta (Nami gallery, Naples 2023)
– Swedish light (Artsight gallery, Stockholm 2022)
– Wishes & Dreams (Artsight gallery, Stockholm 2021)
– Gate (San Domenico Maggiore museum & Naples international airport, 2019)
– The invisible beat_Angeli (Pio Monte della Misericordia museum, Naples 2017/2018)
– Shapeless Rari Nantes, Naples (2015)
– Transition Point (videoArt castello dell’Ovo, show Skyhouse, Napoli 2015)
– La piuma sull’occhio (Raro design, Naples 2013)
– Take Away (Capricorno gallery, Capri 2013)
– Unveiling your sea (TSB festival, New York 2011, Galleria Borbonica, Napoli 2012; Dumbo art festival New York, 2012)
– About us (Domus Artis gallery, Naples 2010)
– L’anima vestita (PAN museo, Naples 2010)
– In the kingdom of black silence (Sede Regione Campania di New York e Trip Gallery,Napoli, 2007) 
– In the kingdom of black silence (Sede Regione Campania di New York e Trip Gallery,Napoli, 2007) 
– Infinito (Zabo Gallery, Naples 2005)
– Stelle (Città della scienza, Naples 2004)
– Storie di Angeli o gabbiani (Naples international airport, 2004)

Collective Exhibitions

– Convivium (artist and art director BIN – PAN museum Naples 2015)
– Sette anni Art 1307 (Villa Di Donato, Naples 2014)
– MattinArte (PAN Museum, Naples 2013)

– Latitude 34 /40 (
LA artcore museum, Los Angeles 2010)
– Harlem’s art ( Casa Frela gallery, New York 2010)
– Proposte per una collezione (Villa Di Donato, Naples 2009)

– Di Giacomo (PAN museum, Naples 2009)
– Monelle napoletane (Naples airport 2008)
– C’era una volta una Regina (Castel Sant Elmo, Naples 2007)

– The Etabeta Project (D’Ars gallery, Milan 2007)
– Barbie and the China Dolls,( CVB Gallery, Beijing- China 2007)
In viaggio (Trip gallery, Naples 2007)

Gate Video