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Caterina Arciprete

a r t i s t


Beyond the gate and the darkness, i n a cloud of light, in the wind that transforms it into flight, I saw a single landscape, and free feet and wings, to touch the fine line that contains it.

The invisibile beat_Angeli

Angels, supported by the Wind, guardians of a landscape, between visible and invisible, between full and empty, to support a question. Art is the answer.

Wishes & Dreams

Wishes like dreams.  The lion guarding the Way. The shark to investigate skies.  And strong desires to circumnavigate the earth, to give shape to energies that move the world everywhere.

People ( e altri paesaggi)

Crossing the street I glimpsed souls like paper. And I wanted to tear off an edge, a corner, a fragment, to take with me the fleeting moment that brings it all together.

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